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About American Board of Dermatology

For many people, dermatology is a luxury healthcare field intended for cosmetic purposes only. However, this field of medicine is more than the beauty process. It is a discipline that goes beyond the skin but delves deep within. Dermatology addresses the body’s holistic functions to understand your skin’s health better. Hence, dermatologists need proper training and recognition from the American Board of Dermatology (ABD), like an ABD degree.

Dermatologists are doctors in charge of evaluating, defining, and treating skin-related diseases. Unlike what most people think, these professionals do not only handle acne problems and wrinkles. They are specialists dealing with more complex disorders and surgical procedures that concern your skin, hair, and even mucous membranes.

In that regard, it is important for them to have a quality education, proper training, and licenses from the right institutions. If someone is practicing dermatology without one of these requirements, they are risking their professions and their patients. 

Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a skin specialist, you will have to apply for a license or recognition from the American Board of Dermatology. If not, you are not eligible to legally practice the profession.

American Board of Dermatology: What is it?

There are 24 medical specialty boards in the United States that are in charge of monitoring and defining healthcare institutions and professionals’ standards. One of these boards is the American Board of Dermatology. Its primary purpose is to regulate the criteria for application and maintenance of board certification of aspiring and current dermatologists.

The American Board of Dermatology is an independent private organization established in 1932. Since then, it has been the top organization responsible for evaluating training, education, and qualifications of skin specialists. The Board’s vision and mission anchors on helping patients, supporting and assisting physicians, collaborating with healthcare leaders, and transforming the healthcare system.

Aside from being the regulating body for the certification of dermatologists, here are the ABD’s specific roles and purposes:

Establishing requirements

The American Board of Dermatology is in charge of establishing the certification requirements and qualifications of aspiring dermatologists. They set the necessary standards and roles expected from skin specialists, such as educational background, training experiences, residency, and exams.

Managing residency reviews

The Board is also responsible for setting standards for residency requirements such as the number of hours, job responsibilities, and quality of training. Both the residency facility and residents are under the jurisdiction of the Board, whether they are both meeting quality procedures.

Evaluating aspiring members of Pediatric Dermatology

One of the most essential and crucial branches of dermatology is Pediatric Dermatology. It involves sensitive patients, like infants and children, that need extra care. Hence, the ABD also regulates the qualities of aspiring pediatric dermatologists.

Creating certification or board examinations

The Board is also in charge of producing and developing examinations needed for dermatology licenses. This is one of their top responsibilities as an organization. This is an important role because it evaluates and assesses the skills and knowledge of dermatologists. Through licensure and certification exams, the Board can know if the applicant is suitable to be a skin specialist.

Granting licenses and certificates

After aspiring skin specialists pass the evaluation and training provided by the Board, they are now eligible holders of ABD licenses and certificates, such as an ABD degree. Only the American Board of Dermatology is allowed to grant licenses and certifications for dermatologists in the US.

Managing certification maintenance

The process of becoming a professional dermatologist does not end with a single ABD degree. Professional skin specialists have to renew their licenses every two years. In this way, physicians can improve and maintain the quality of their expertise. Hence, the better the clinical performance of dermatologists.

Overall, the American Board of Dermatology plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of skin specialists and healthcare institutions providing dermatology services. Because of the organization, patients can assure themselves that they receive only the best and quality assistance for their needs.

How to get an American Board of Dermatology degree

To earn an ABD degree, an aspiring applicant must take the Board’s residency program. While doing so, applicants are required to complete annual examinations during the first five years of training. If they fail to pass the exam, they cannot apply for certification.

After completing the annual exams, you can now apply for an ABD degree certificate. In which you need to be a graduate of an accredited medical school in the US, especially by the Liaison Committee for Medical Education. 

You should also need to have a current license to practice medicine from other board organizations aside from the ABD. If you do not have one, you can still take the certification process, but you will not earn your ABD degree unless the Board receives your medical license.

Lastly, candidates must complete the Board’s competency assessment. This process requires essay evaluations, patient experience data, and quality improvement project attestations.

The Board generally holds strict measures when it comes to certification application. Not to mention, there are also other guidelines for the maintenance of your ABD degree. Hence, you might feel discouraged from becoming an ABD-approved dermatologist.

However, there is another and more convenient way to earn an ABD degree online. This is to buy the certificate from online degree sellers. If you already have an education and relevant work background in dermatology, you do not have to spend years earning your online ABD dermatology degree. Through degree sellers, you can have your degree in a week or two.

Benefits of a degree from the American Board of Dermatology

Earning a degree from the American Board of Dermatology is hard. However, the benefits you get from doing so outweighs the difficulties you may experience along the way. Without an ABD online dermatology degree, it will be hard for you to become a real and professional skin specialist.

Therefore, you should earn your dermatology degree from the American Board of Dermatology no matter what it takes. With more convenient options, like buying your certificate online, there is no room for excuses as to why you should not get your degree.

Remember, you cannot become a dermatologist without an ABD degree. It is essentially the basis of your professional credibility as a physician. You are dealing with the human body and providing healthcare services, which is no joke. Hence, the importance of having a degree.

Besides that, you can easily find jobs in top organizations and earn higher incomes if you have a degree or license from the Board. Hence, getting approval from the American Board of Dermatology should be one of your priorities if you wish to become a dermatologist.

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