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In general, we have two types of university degrees available.  They are the followings:


Affordable Option 1: Your degree comes from the private university.  It will be randomly assigned from us (that means you cannot choose the university and location).  It could be from US, UK or Australia.


Premium Option 2: Your degree comes from well established and well-known university.  You can choose from our list of universities located in US, UK or Australia.


We guarantee ALL OF OUR DEGREES come from ALL public university and well-known university are accredited, verifiable and legal.  In additional, all of our universities have the physical campus.




This type of university degree will come from US, UK or Australia. The university degree is randomly assigned based on certain factors and generated from our system.  That means you cannot choose the location and the university.


All of our degrees are guaranteed legal, verifiable, recognisable and accredited.


USD$ 300 for Bachelor Degree (price including diploma parchment only)


USD$ 390 for Master Degree (price including diploma parchment only)


USD$ 490 for PhD Degree (price including diploma parchment only)


All other supplementary documents cost extra USD$ 100 to USD$ 500 of each copy, depending on what type of document you need.


Processing Time & Shipping Methods


We usually take about 3-5 working days to process these order and we ship all orders by either Fedex or UPS. If you urgently need your package, express service is available with extra charge (it costs about USD$135 approximately.)




We take our partners’ and customer’s privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Based on the non-disclosure agreement restriction between the partnered universities, I am afraid that we are not allowed to release any  names of the private university to our customers in advance.


In order to protect our partners and customers, we try our best to avoid  numerous potential employers and other institutions to check qualification through us. Therefore, we cannot release any additional details of the university, such as university name, telephone, address and country.




Each public University Degree Package included the degree parchment with related supporting documents and items as below:


University Degree Parchment x 1

Transcripts x 5 (extra copies can be requested)

Student Record x 5

University Brochure / Student Handbook x 1

Graduation Letter x 1

Acceptance Letter x 1

Fedex Shipping

University Leather Folder x 1

University ID card x 1

University Alumni Card x 1

Library Card x 1

Student Union Card x 1


For UK public universities, please see details below:


USD$ 4500 packages:


University of Southampton

Middlesex University

Bath Spa University

Coventry University

Salford University

University of Hertfordshire

Kent University

Keele University

Bangor University

University of Central Lancashire

University of Gloucestershire

University of Leeds

Derby University

Aston University

University of East Anglia

University of Nottingham

Plymouth University

Queen’s University, Belfast


USD$ 6500 packages:


London School of Economics

Warwick University

Buckingham University

University of London


For USA public universities, please see details below:


USD$ 8900 packages:


Carlos Albizu University (Miami)

DeVry University (Orlando)

Johnson & Wales University (North Miami)

Jones College (Jacksonville)

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (Bradenton)

Nova Southeastern University (Davie)

Schiller International University (Largo)

University of Miami (Coral Gables)

University of Phoenix (Orlando)

Webster University (Ocala)


USD$ 9800 packages:


University of Kansas

New York University

University of Texas, El Paso

Another university in other states


For Australian university degree, please see details below:


USD$ 7800 packages:


University of Melbourne

University of Wollongong


Processing Time & Shipping Methods


Fedex or UPS shipping is included in package order.  The package order will take about 3-4 weeks to process.


Lawyer Certification, Government Apostille & Embassy Legalization Service


Lawyer Certification Service – USD$500 (Your degree will be verified and certified by lawyer)


Government Apostille Service (Government legalisation Service)- USD$800 (Apostille is an authenticate certification issued by government and attached to your degree  which is for use in other foreign countries.)


Embassy Legalization Service – USD$1500, depending on country requested (Embassy legalisation helps to further recognise your degree in your own country if your country does not recognise Apostle as official documents)


Our degrees are real, legal and verifiable, otherwise, it is impossible that your degree can be legalised by the lawyer, government and embassy.


More information about legalisation


For UK legalisation, that means  your degree will be officially legalised by  a UK lawyer with registration number and registered  in Legalization Office from Foreign and Commonwealth Office. After lawyer legalisation, your degree will be  sent to the respective embassy for future legalisation.  All records can be trackable in UK government, UK government website and embassy.  All these information are verifiable by official government serial numbers at the government website.


For US legislation, that means your degree  will be officially legalised  by the Secretary of States with registration number and further legalised by any embassy in Washington DC.


It will take about 2-3 weeks to process both government legalisation and embassy legalisation.


Thesis Service


We are able to provide university official binding service for your thesis with gold hot stamping your name and thesis title in original leather cover. Moreover, we are able to appoint two university professors as supervisors to sign your thesis.  Your thesis will be put in the university library and database as the official collection.


Our thesis service can be done in the following ways:


Option A: You already have your thesis written up and ready to bind. This type of service only includes binding service, no editing. You send us your thesis in pdf file format, and we do the binding and put into the university collection for you.  We charge this service for USD$ 1500.


Option B: You DO NOT have a thesis written up and want us to write the thesis. We can  customise the topic to match with your degree major. We had a connection with experts or senior researcher of your field in the university.  We can write the thesis for you in 300-400 pages approximately. We charge this service for about USD$ 5500.


Option C: You want your thesis to be written by our PhD students from your choice of university. We charge this service for about USD$ 3500.


What Made Us The Difference?


We can provide the best legalisation service among all the competitors.  We can provide lawyer legalisation, government legalisation and embassy legalisation.  All legalisation can be verified by the reference number indicated in the documents.  If any other competitors can do this, you can simply ask them to provide the proof.


We are the only one can provide thesis service.  Either you provide your own or we can hire someone to write the thesis for you.  The thesis will be binding in professional leather cover with gold stamping and signed by your supervisors and your graduation committee.  The thesis will be put into the permanent collection in the university library.


Think about student ID ?  Why another provider cannot provide student ID because their documents are fake ?  We can provide student ID card, alumni card, student union card, and the library card.  All these documents are verifiable from your student number.  You can simply download some barcode scanner from your smartphone and read the barcode information from the student ID.


Your university degree is your future opportunities


All of our degrees are real and verifiable.  No lawyer will risk their license to verify and certify a fake degree and no government and embassy in this world will verify and certify a fake degree as well.  You can check if any providers either online or office can do all lawyer certification, government apostille and embassy legalisation both in US or UK.


Furthermore, all of our university degrees can be verified directly from the university.  We are the only provider can provide official student ID, alumni card, student union card and library card with official student number (with barcode and 3D barcode that you can verify your information from your mobile phone.)


In addition, we are the only provider can do thesis binding and thesis writing that can put up into the university library and database.


If you want a private university degree, you can simply go to our website and sign up.


If you want public university degree, you can sign up from the following URL and we will let you know the next step to process further:


We are happy to accept credit card, western union, bitcoin or wire transfer as payment methods.


Let me know if you have any more question, I am happy to serve you.


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